My Writing

I’m a novelist, playwright and a crafter of short fiction and poetry. You can read some free Short Stories and Poetry on my blog, and lots of discussion about ongoing work.



from Sarah Grace Logan

Humping the Boonies

“When the first tremor struck, Shark brushed off sleep like a thin layer of dust.”

Featuring seven new and reworked stories, this 5000 word collection of short fiction explores troubled lives and relationships from post-war America to the far-flung future of the human race. Humping the Boonies was released in August 2013, and is available in print and as an e-book.

“Behind her, the world gently rotated in a dark patch of sky.”

Buy here.



I am currently working on a young adult novel which will be released in 2014.

Set in a world wracked by natural disasters and the lingering effects of climate change, Salt is a speculative coming of age tale about a young girl determined to learn the secrets that were buried by her forefathers. 

For more information, or to request a preview copy, please contact me.


A Tiger in Thirty-Six Sections poem, Synaesthesia Magazine, Feb 2014

Marlowe poem, The Hour of Lead, December 2013

Flesh, short story, The Story Shack, April 2013 (illustrated by Mike S. Young)

Blowing off Steam short story, Twisted Tales, May 2012



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