Story :: Broken Green Light

Back on the wwi waggon again … for how long, who can say! This should have been posted on Thursday but I didn’t find the time to type it up. Better late than never?

Broken Green Light (300 words)

It had taken several days to pulp the old newspapers, bank statements and photographs from the boxes in grandpa’s shed, and spread the resulting mush into large sheets. Several more to dry them in the broken green sunlight, lashed to branches with scraps of plastic wire and pilfered yarn. It was the first week of summer so far that it hadn’t rained, and the sheets were finally dry.

The beeswax hardened as they slathered it onto the parchment with hot palette knives and plastic spoons. The wax rolled in the tin bath they had used to heat it, agitated by Irk’s little sister with their grandpa’s walking stick. The three of them worked quickly and without much argument.
Coating the armour was the easy part, and Rina and Irk quarrelled as they began the difficult task of armouring their paladin. The waxed parchment formed a skin over bundled sticks and the remnants of birds’ nests. What seemed like woodland nonsense had cost them weeks of work, finding and fetching and knotting and measuring. Irk ordered her little sister to leave the tub of beeswax to congeal and run to fetch more yarn. She came back with scratches from the grumpy old house cat, but assurances that nobody had seen her.
At lunchtime, Rina went to fetch them sandwiches, while Irk and her sister worked side by side, fashioning the paladin’s slender, fawnish limbs. They paused and ate the sandwiches Rina’s father had made for them with determined expressions.
“Will it be ready in time?” Rina asked.
Irk nodded. “I’m not going back to school, not without Ellis.”
Ellis carried on eating her sandwich, not showing her surprise at this statement. The paladin was going to take care of the grandparents for them. She had her own plans for dealing with Irk.


Written for the CAKE.shortandsweet Wednesday Write-in.  Read my other free stories here.



About sarahgracelogan

Sarah Grace is an itinerant scribbler and general layabout. She runs a writing group called CAKE.shortandsweet, because any form of procrastination from actual writing is always attractive to the serious author of refined taste. When not distracted by laser pens, Sarah Grace writes novels, short stories and flash fiction, poetry, stage scripts and screenplays. She has performed her work at Stirred Poetry, Bad Language and Tongue in Cheek Manchester. Her first publication, Humping the Boonies is a self-published chapbook available directly from the author, or from Travelling Man, Manchester. You can find more details about her ongoing projects, not to mention a selection of free stories up for grabs right here on her blog. She also likes to talk about theatre, film, books, photography, and especially games and other things that involve collaborative storytelling. Sarah Grace likes feedback, in whatever form it comes.


  1. I really enjoyed this, the writing style flowed really well! 🙂

  2. That’s what I like about flash fiction, it really teaches you to keep your prose tight. Another nice little story. Any plans to flesh it out into something bigger?

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