Salt :: Week Four


Word count: 62,140

Target word count today: 52,000

Character death count: 2

Character maim count: 4

Let’s just get this over with first: I WON!

I actually hit today’s word count on Monday. Since my 10,000 word triumph last Tuesday I managed to stay ahead of the count for the rest of the week, even if not by much, so that by Monday morning I was determined to finish the book asap. A friend of mine gave me an extra deadline; she was flying out to Singapore on Wednesday morning and wanted to read my book on the plane. Game on!

I’m actually incredibly pleased with the way I managed to stick to my plan on this story. For the most part, I wrote straight through from beginning to end: something I hadn’t thought I was capable of before. Previously, I’ve jumped around all over the place in a narrative, but this time I only left a few major scenes that I was unsure about, and went back to fill them in on the final day. I know that these scenes are the weakest, because they were the least well planned and thought out. But, I have completed what I thought was an impossible task: not only of making it to my word count goal, but of completing the novel in that allowance.

I already have plans to start working on the next book, and after my success with this first draft, I plan to use the same plotting method. Next time I’ll try and pin down more specifics before I start, so that I don’t end up with that vague swampy mess in the middle. It’s a little frightening to think about how much work this book still needs before it’s ready to publish, but I’ve set myself a deadline of six months. I’m beginning to feel like time is slipping away; the last five years feel wasted, writing-wise, and I’m eager to make up for lost time. That said, if the book isn’t ready in that time, I won’t be sending it out prematurely. It may be my ‘first’ book but I want it to be a good ‘un 🙂


So here is the last excerpt for a while, before it goes in for a complete overhaul.

When they’d passed the Knee and come back within sight of the City, Salt was surprised by a sudden vibration against her back. Her chest thumped as she realised what it was. Pupa.

“She’s back,” Salt said, dazed by the realisation.

Graze glanced back at her. “Who?”

Salt had already shrugged off her pack and crouched down to root through it. She felt a sudden urge to gather Pupa close and chatter with her. It had been days since she’d even thought of the little drone, and the guilt squeezed her stomach dry like a washrag. At first, all she’d been able to think of was the loneliness, the desire to have that little voice gossiping at her again. At first she had missed it terribly. But she realised, that since arriving at Shark’s home, she hadn’t even given it a second thought. While Graze looked on bemused, Salt rummaged Pupa out of her pack and clutched the machina to her chest.

“I missed you,” she lied. “Are you alright?”

This will be the last one for a while. If you missed the others, check them out here: Planning  ::  Week One  ::  Week Two  ::  Week Three


About sarahgracelogan

Sarah Grace is an itinerant scribbler and general layabout. She runs a writing group called CAKE.shortandsweet, because any form of procrastination from actual writing is always attractive to the serious author of refined taste. When not distracted by laser pens, Sarah Grace writes novels, short stories and flash fiction, poetry, stage scripts and screenplays. She has performed her work at Stirred Poetry, Bad Language and Tongue in Cheek Manchester. Her first publication, Humping the Boonies is a self-published chapbook available directly from the author, or from Travelling Man, Manchester. You can find more details about her ongoing projects, not to mention a selection of free stories up for grabs right here on her blog. She also likes to talk about theatre, film, books, photography, and especially games and other things that involve collaborative storytelling. Sarah Grace likes feedback, in whatever form it comes.


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